Royal Gas HSE Policy

Incorporating safe work practices into all of Royal Gas work activities is vital in order to minimize accidents, injuries, and job interruptions.

Royal Gas has published its safety manuals including the Health Safety and Environment Manual, Emergency, Procedures Manual, Safety Training Manual, and Safety Requirements Manual

A safety incentive scheme is adopted in Royal Gas plus regular training programs to encourage Royal Gas Staff and Technician in adopting and achieving the policy:


Due to the successful management’s Policyof Royal Gas, we have  achieved a cumulative of 1.12 million man hours working without any lost time injuries.

The main objectives of Royal Gas occupational health, safety, and environmental policy are:

  1. To conduct activities in a manner consistent with appropriate safety, health, and environmental considerations
  2.  To establish and maintain corporate controls, including periodic reviews, to assure that the company’s policy is being properly implemented and maintained
  3. To work with all levels of government in the progress and development of appropriate public policies supportive of environmental quality, product safety, and occupational health and safety
  4. To comply with applicable environmental quality, occupational health and safety, and product safety laws and regulations
  5. To build and operate our facilities in a manner to protect the health and safety of our employees and of individuals in the surrounding communities
  6.  To safeguard our employees’ health through appropriate medical programs

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