Network Design

Royal development for Gas Works has team of experienced engineers designing, installing, upgrading and maintaining natural gas system.
Royal Gas has a definite advantage: not only have we been designing the systems, we have operated them as well. We know both sides, and we can provide this unmatched knowledge to our customers.

  • Project Planning
  • Efficiency study
  • Design & Estimation
  • Project schedule
  • EPC

Our engineers have extensive experience in the design, construction and operation of large diameter, high-pressure natural gas pipeline systems. Beyond that, we also have a unique customer perspective because most of our project managers, engineers, and support staff previously worked for major operating companies.
Royal Gas focuses on providing full turnkey services for natural gas distribution. From storage City Meters all the way to the customer’s meter set, Royal Gas will design your system to meet or exceed all specifications.
We handle every aspect of a system:

  • Main Replacements
  • New Construction
  • Regulators/Stations
  • Metering Facilities
  • Storage Facilities
  • Automation & Control Systems

Royal Gas has extensive engineering experience in the design, programming and construction of control systems and electrical facilities that operate in hazardous areas. We have designed, built and commissioned high reliability, fail-safe alarm and control systems for the detection of fire, explosive/flammable vapours, and control of plant emergency shut down systems.
Our engineers provide complete electrical design solutions for your projects.

Royal Gas provides a range of flow modelling capabilities from simple single line pressure loss calculations to complex system analysis
And it is not just software but knowledgeable engineers who can interpret the results and provide meaningful analysis and recommendations.


We can provide detailed modelling of Gas System to determine such things as:

  • Storage capacity
  • individual unit capacity
  • Pressure Loss
  • Load calculation
  • Pipe sizing
  • Regulator siz

Royal Gas can provide conceptual design and cost estimating for any project from simple pipe replacement to the most complex system enhancements. Our design of oil and gas systems is based on years of experience and a thorough understanding of the requirements to bring that design to completion. We know what equipment is necessary and where best to put it. We know where to locate your pipeline in order to minimize adverse impacts on the environment and to reduce construction costs.
When the design is complete, we can tell you what it will cost. With an extensive database of material costs, an excellent relationship with our suppliers and contractors, and years of experience in building projects, our cost estimates are reliable. Our estimates will include up‑to-date costs for

  • Material and equipment
  • Services such as inspection, x-ray and environmental
  • Construction
  • Engineering

And any other cost that may be unique to your project.

Royal Gas can provide a reliable schedule for your project. With extensive experience in design, procurement, Approvals, , construction management and commissioning we can provide the detail necessary to schedule the many activities in order to efficiently bring your project from concept to operation. With a Project Schedule developed by Royal Gas you will know the timing and dependency of every task required to complete the job including

  • Engineering design
  • Approvals
  • Contractor bidding and selection
  • Material Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning

In an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract, it’s a turn key project where Royal Gas will hand over the project to client with all the pre test, pre commissioning, final test and final commissioning completed.
Some of the benefits of EPC to our clients are:

  • Client puts in minimum efforts for his project and, so, has less stress
  • EPC gives the Client one point contact. It is easy to monitor and coordinate
  • It is easy for the client to get post-commissioning services
  • EPC way ensures quality and reduces practical issues faced in other ways
  • Investment figure is known at the start of the project