Total Design & Build

Royal Gas will work with your team to provide the resources that meet your specific project needs, we have the expertise, resources and experience to provide project services ranging from project planning through complete design build solutions. We understand the issues related to all phases of a project from feasibility studies to commissioning. Our knowledge of Central Gas systems is based on many years of design, construction, and operating experience and a thorough understanding of the requirements to bring project designs to a successful completion.
We know the issues that may develop during the many phases of a project and our experience enables us to recommend the best approach to reduce costs and eliminate delays.
We strive to know the drivers that are important to our customers so that each project is a success for both Royal Gas and our customers.

  • Project Planning
  • Approvals
  • Procurement
  • Detailed Design
  • Construction Manage

We will work with your engineers and planners to identify the optimal facilities that match the specific needs of your project and your business plan. This includes developing a cost estimate that is both realistic and as low as possible.

We have extensive experience to get approvals on drawings and complete projects from Local Authorities and Third Party (Local and International)

We have designed many successful projects for  LPG, Natural Gas and SNG. We approach projects differently by evaluating various design options up-front to ensure that the facility is designed correctly with the optimum selection of equipment and materials.

We can provide complete procurement and material inspection services or we can modify our services to match your organization’s needs. We have proven material specifications that allow us to purchase superior equipment at competitive prices.

We provide experienced construction inspectors to monitor the construction work in the field and in the various fabrication shops. These inspectors use our construction specifications to ensure that strict construction quality and safety standards are maintained.