Royal Gas Activities

We have design standards and material specifications that have been developed over decades of design and operating experience and these standards comply with the latest international standards.

These material specifications and design standards allow us to design facilities that are superior to many of the facilities designed by our competitors at the same or lower cost.

Royal Gas staff is widely diversified to cover the whole range of required expertise to support our services over the complete life of a project. This includes but is not limited to SURVEY:

To determine the exact requirements of the customers, preparing a preliminary design for network, Gas Tank farms, SNG Mixer Plants related to starting the execution of the project.

Royal Gas will work with your team to provide the resources that meet your specific project needs, we have the expertise, resources and experience to provide project services ranging from project planning to complete design build solutions. We understand the issues related to all phases of a project from feasibility studies to commissioning. Our knowledge of Central Gas systems is based on many years of design, construction, and operating experience and a thorough understanding of the requirements to bring project designs to a successful completion.

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