Project Management

Royal Gas can provide project design services for any project from simple pipe replacement to the most complex system enhancements.
Our design of the Central Gas system is based on years of experience and a thorough understanding of the requirements to bring successful projects to completion.
We have design standards and material specifications that have been developed over decades of design and operating experience and these standards comply with the latest international standards.
These material specifications and design standards allow us to design facilities that are superior to many of the facilities designed by our competitors at the same or lower cost.


We have a large staff of designers and drafters with extensive experience. This in-house group allows us to respond to drawing requests quickly. The experience level of our designers allows Royal Gas to efficiently complete drawings with fewer hours and better accuracy than many of our competitors. The available design, permitting and drafting services that Royal Gas can provide include the following:

  • Review of design options and configurations to confirm preliminary design recommendations.
  • Detailed engineering of all required facilities and equipment.
  • Detailed engineering drawings for each phase, including the construction bid set and approved for construction drawing set.
  • Preparation of detailed project records and job books.
  • Material specifications for materials and equipment.
  • Engineering assistance during construction if needed.
  • Automation/controls/SCADA system design and programming if needed.
  • Preparation of as-built drawings.

At Royal Gas, we understand the issues and importance of developing detailed and accurate project designs that meet the requirements of our customers. We know that in order for the project to be a success for both Royal Gas and our clients, we need to deliver on each of the areas that are important to our clients.