Ruwais Housing Complex – Abu Dhabi

Date: EPC: 2017

Labeled: ADNOC - Western Region Abu Dhabi

Brief Description of Works :

EPC and O&M Contract of SNG Plant & U/G Network & PRMS. including the Gas Tanks farm 140 Tons, vaporizers, blenders, LPG pumps, 3000 m3/hr Main Pressure Reduction and metering unit PRMS, Polyethylene Natural Gas Distribution Networks – HDPE Pipelines of 52 km of 315 mm U/G Gas distribution network + 44 nos. main PRMS + 2650 nos. customers sec. PRMS


  • EPC (including minor Earthworks) of 45.5 KM of the Main pipeline of HDPE 125,90,63 mm
  • EPC (including minor Earthworks) of 18 KM of Service Branches of HDPE 32,63,90, mm
  • EPC (including minor civil works) of HDPE Service Branches valves with Concrete service boxes of 125,90,63,32 mm of 900 nos.
  • EPC (including full MEP works & minor Civil works) of SNG station with gas tanks foundation and Main  PRMS of 3000 m3/hr
  • EPC of 1 no. 3000 m3/hr main PRMS
  • EPC of 40 nos. Customers PRMS with capacities of 100 m3/hr
  • EPC of Special tasks of HDD, Thrust Boring & Open Cut including all related earthworks + civil works + asphalt works (Aprx. Length 1.4 KM) – 4 locations

E,O&M of all of the above