Industrial Affiliate of the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers

“Part of Royal Gas is to follow the latest Gas industry technologies including international codes and standards; we at Royal Gas are proud to announce that we are an Industrial Affiliate of the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers We promise that we will serve you with all professional updated methodologies”

Shifting Towards Smart Services

Despite the challenging economic conditions Royal Gas has delivered a healthy set of overall performance results, 2016 marked a year of digital innovation as the group made bold strides in advancing our digital offered services capabilities and multichannel transformation of processes, products and services.Following our commitment towards reaching out the highest customers satisfaction levels; we […]

City Gas Mena Participation

Royal gas has participated as a delegate Sponsor at the City Gas Mena Exhibition during 2009 & 2010. Royal Gas Was awarded for its high performance & Success in the Gas Field (CNG Vehicle Conversions and City Gas Network Design & Build)

Royal Gas Activities

We have design standards and material specifications that have been developed over decades of design and operating experience and these standards comply with the latest international standards. These material specifications and design standards allow us to design facilities that are superior to many of the facilities designed by our competitors at the same or lower […]

Royal Gas HSE Policy

Incorporating safe work practices into all of Royal Gas work activities is vital in order to minimize accidents, injuries, and job interruptions. Royal Gas has published its safety manuals including the Health Safety and Environment Manual, Emergency, Procedures Manual, Safety Training Manual, and Safety Requirements Manual A safety incentive scheme is adopted in Royal Gas plus regular training programs to encourage Royal Gas Staff […]

Royal Developments Quality Assurance System

Royal Development is following one of the most widely used paradigms for Quality Assurance management is the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) approach. PLAN Establish the objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with the specifications. DO Implement the processes. CHECK Monitor and evaluate the processes and results against objectives and Specifications and report the outcome. […]

Royal Development for Gas Works

Royal Development for Gas Works  was established in 1994 is principally engaged in Design, Supply and Installation of Central Gas System Works all throughout UAE with an objective to become the foremost Central Gas System Company in the Middle East, General Manager Eng. Mohammed Mansoura has been an instrumental part in the growth of the organization. […]