Maryah Island – SNG Station and Gas Network

Date: EPC: 2012

Labeled: Mubadala – Abu Dhabi

Brief Description of Works : EPC & EOM Contract of SNG Plant & U/G Network & PRMS. including the Gas Tanks farm, Polyethylene Natural Gas Distribution Networks – HDPE Pipelines  of 4 km of 400 mm U/G Gas distribution network, 3000 m3/hr pressure reduction & metering Skid PRMS, High pressure Steel pipeline lines – Steel Ball Valves of 150 mtrs, Steel Ball Valves + 5 nos. Customers PRMS


  • EPC (including Earth works & Civil works) of Main pipeline of HDPE 400 mm
  • EPC (including Earth works & Civil works) of Service Branches of HDPE 32,63,90,125,180,250 mm
  • EPC (including Earth works & Civil works) of Steel pipeline CS SMLS A106/AP15L GR.Bx42 of 0.15 KM
  • EPC (including Earth works & Civil works) of Steel Ball Valves & Concrete Valve Chambers of 12 nos. for ball valves of sizes 16″ & 10″
  • EPC (including Earth works & Civil works) of HDPE Service Branches valves with Concrete service boxes of 180,125,90,63,32 mm of 29 nos.
  • EPC (including Earth works & Civil works) of SNG station with gas tanks foundation and Main Island’s PRMS of 3000 m3/hr and Earth works of full U/G gas network
  • EPC of Special tasks of HDD, Thrust Boring & Open Cut including all related earth works + civil works + asphalt works (Aprx. Length 1 KM) – 12 locations
  • EPC of special Temporary bridge crossing of 24 mtrs length using thrust boring method
  • EPC of 1 no. 3000 m3/hr main island PRMS
  • EPC of 3 nos. Customers PRMS with capacities of 1000 m3/hr, 650 m3/hr, 250 m3/hr)
  • E,O&M of all of the above

LPG & Diesel supply